How we made it here

 How we made it here

This page will walk you down the path God has led us, as best we can retrace the major defining moments in our lives that have led us to this very moment in His timing.

Kimberly and I had the priviledge to take a short term mission trip to West Africa in November of 2006.  Little did we know that this would pave the way to a much bigger plan God had for us.  While on mission with our dear friends Stephen and Elaine Haber, God began to change the desires of our hearts.  This is key because He did this inside of both Kimberly and myself, which is a major confirmation of sorts when talking about major life change. To read more about our West Africa trip click hereSee Photos.

After we returned from West Africa, the Spirit that touched us overseas continues His work and we knew it was time to move our family.  Through a long chain of amazing events, God moved us to Rutledge, GA about 75 miles from Marietta where we had lived for 8 years.

God transplanted us from our Church in Marietta to a new church in Rutledge.  We thought leaving our home church where we had married and raised 7 children over 8 years would be the toughest part of moving.  God showed us that when you are obedient to His call He changes your heart and He makes transitions much easier.

January 2009 marked the next defining moment in our journey.  God put a heavy desire on my heart to plan a mission trip that involved our entire family.  In fact, it was one of my goals for the year.  We were blessed that our new church family is mission minded and mission trips were happening all the time. 

Kimberly and I participated in a 21 day Daniel fast in April 2009.  I believe that through this time as we demonstrated to God that we were serious about serving Him and as we prayed this prayer..."God reveal your plan for our family and do a mighty work"...He began to reveal His plan for our family.

In May 2009 He revealed His desire to call us full time, but he only revealed the timing...Kimberly and I both knew by God's Spirit speaking to our hearts that 12 months from that time something big was going to happen in the life of our family.

Our entire family went on mission in July 2009 to West Virginia to assist in a building project and work a Vacation Bible School for the community of Oceania, WV.  Each member of our family played a big part in the mission and each one of us was blessed from the experiences we will never forget.  As we came away from this mission, it was clear God was ready to reveal His plan for us.

Over the next 2 months, God began revealing more pieces of His plan as our closest prayer partners began to ask for God to show us what He was doing.  By August 2009 His plan had been fully revealed to me and it was affirmed through His word, life circumstances, our pastor's messages and in both of our hearts as our desires to serve Him in mighty ways began to grow.