Our Mission

 Our Mission

We are the Frederick family.  My name is Marc and my wife is Kimberly.  Our seven children are Timothy Brooks, Abigail Grace, Zachary Paul, Audrey Faith, Hope Elizabeth, Ginny Love and Joy Victoria.

God has called us to be full time missionaries to North America traveling from May 2010 to Dec 2014 on mission for Him.  Wow, you maybe thinking how do you know that.  To read our story of how God called us and our story of obedience to follow Him click here.

After almost 4 years and 20k miles across American, we now take annual mission trips as a family to keep the vision and purpose of loving others above ourselves. Shorter more tactical missions as we try (in our brokenness) to love these in our community.

After you have caught up with how we made it here using the above link...continue reading on this page.

OUR MISSION: is to show the love of Jesus Christ through a ministry of kindness and compassion, to homeless in small towns and cities through out the contential USA.  Simply - Love God and love others.  This is the most basic command Jesus left for us before He left Earth.

We launched our Ministry in May 2010 in Athens, GA.  We complete construction of Mission Bus in November 2010 and began our first northern mission from Florida to New Jersey and New England during 2011.

We accomplish our mission by traveling accross the USA as the Spirit of God leads to the streets, tent cities, homeless shelters, playing music and pouring out love to proclaiming the life of Christ to testify how God has given  hope to the hopeless. The Spirit of God is going to do a mighty work and we will see His amazing wonders as He brings the hope of Salvation through His workers.

 We will make connections with many people and touch countless lives as we share the love of Jesus for all the people of the world.

As God puts people into our path we will bring help from our many gifts that He has so blessed our family with.  We will be ready to encourage and love broken people all along the way.  His love will pour out of us to those that are in need of healing and His almighty hands upon their lives.