About Homeless

 About Homeless People

It's obvious that anyone that loses their home has signficant physical and emotional needs.  What's probably less obvious is one the most eccential human needs few can live without - companionship.  That's right, the single greatest poverty of the homeless is loniless.   The result of continually being ignored and talked down servely devalues an individual to the extent of complete worthlessness.

MissionBus has one simple goal in mind.  We realize that homelessness is such an epidemic that no one government or organization can solve this problem.  It's not our purpose to solve this problem.  The heart of MissionBus is to take the love of God to as many homeless people as we are able.  No agenda other than to let them know God still loves them regardless of their current or future circumstances.

Along the way, we hope to fill some physical needs of some hopeless people.  God has given us so much love that we can't imagine not giving some of it away to those in great need.

God is moving to bring healing to His hurting children that are captive of this brutal social injustice.  Only God's hand can bring such healing to such a large number of homeless people across all 50 states.  MissionBus is following the leading of the Holy Spirit to promote a radical concept that can help bring other Christ-followers to love and minister to this massive group of people.

Stay tuned for more information.  Contact us if you since the Spirit of God leading you to join us in His work.