Mission House Project

Update: By God's amazing grace and power He funded the purchase of a MissionHouse.  Not this farm house, but He knew better.  We have 2.25 acres with a house, well and septic.  This property was purchase for cash on March, 2013.  We started renovations which required tearing down 1000 sq foot addition, which will become the training center once the building is rebuild this Summer 2014.

Update: Major progress on mission training center this summer.  22x30 building is up.  Lots of progress on the entire project.  See photo.  August 27, 2015.


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Short Summary


MISSIONBUS works with homeless and families near homelessness.

MISSIONBUS is a family team of 9 people that travel the country loving and helping people that live on the streets as homeless. The team has traveled 10,000+ miles from Boston to San Francisco in a 40 ft school bus we converted with the help of friends and family into an rolling mission command center loving people all along the way in 19 major US cities experiencing significant homelessness.

Through the support of friends and family, God has provided the property with an existing house that we will transform into a MissionHouse.

The property is plenty of space for MissionBus to park and MissionHouse ministry to grow our opportunities to serve God in His kingdom work.

What is MissionHouse?

MissionHouse a home base to coordinate local and national mission work.

We will use MissionHouse as a base to dock MISSIONBUS and use as a base station for local Community work we do with families that are in need.  MISSIONBUS helps families get back on track after the struggles of the world have beat them down and created a chasm they just can't get out of on their own.  MISSIONBUS comes along side of the struggling family and we walk with them out of bondage into freedom.  We do whatever it takes to facilitate this process.  We help rehab their home, organize their living spaces, do laundry, do dishes, and help get normal processes working again.  All families struggle from time to time, we can use a little help and encouragement.

Mission Training Center

We have the unique opportunity to built a training center for families.  Using our experience and leading of the Holy Spirit, our team will help prepare families to launch their own missions to the street in cities across the country.  The MissionBus Training center will make it possible to host one family at a time and testify of our experiences on the streets of America.  A weekend of training and actual time on the street with homeless to break down human barriers.

MissionHouse Restoration

With MissionHouse property and house acquired, we have restoration and building to bring MissionHouse online for ministry planning and training.   The MissionHouse restorations will be a work in progress as God provides the funds and resources to complete the work.  Ministry will continue as He leads and opens the door for us to serve our community and love people in the name of Jesus.


The Impact

MISSIONBUS makes a difference in people's lives.

MISSIONBUS has traveled the country and learned so much about people that live on the streets.  We have listened to their stories and spent time with them under the bridges, in the woods and on the streets.  Each one of them has a name and a unique story.  Our mission is to show people that they do matter and that God does care about them.  Many of these stories start with normal families trying to make it in the world but as life happens many struggles lead to oppression and then depression.  Our team has a deep love for people to help them off of this path that can lead eventually to homelessness.